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If you feel your link qualifies for one of our links/resources page, it is a flat one-time fee of $25. Must be pre-paid via check to: Kathleen McMahon, 1450 Chestnut Street #102, San Francisco, CA 94123 Attn: CraftWEB Link. Also include your site's: Title, URL, and a brief description. If we do not feel your site meets the standards of our site, we will return your check.

With your check, include your URL, your desciption and whether you are an artisan, a group, gallery, or a supplier. We will post your link as soon as we receive your check.

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Opportunity Network (sponsor of The CraftWEB Project)
1450 Chestnut Street Suite 102
San Francisco, CA 94123

(415) 673-0802

Kathleen McMahon, Founder

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